Pennsic Update

August 13, 2009 at 12:25 am | Posted in Miscellaneous | Leave a comment

Like many people, A&S oriented or otherwise, the entire month of July flew by in what seemed to be a never ending period of pre-Pennsic preparation. There was garb to make, and garb to mend (I swear my husband must take scissors to his tunics while I’m sleeping). I whipped out a quick sideless surcoat. I also made braies and hose for my husband, and then somehow managed to not pack the hose. Sigh.

Pennsic itself was fantastic, of course. I fought in my first fencing melee, though not very well. I fought in all of the heavy list battles except the woods battle, since it conflicted with Missile Day. Shooting people was tons of fun! Our unit definitely needs to get a boat together for next year’s Naval battle. We almost had a problem with my crossbow, but my friend Erasmus was a hero and fixed it for me.

On the classes front, I did not get to go to nearly as many classes as I wanted to, since fighting, combat archery, and target archery made my days very full. But I did get to go to a lecture on breast support in period that was very useful. I disseminated the information to all of the women in my camp and the neighboring camp, since, not surprisingly, there was near-universal interest in the subject. I also went to a knot-tying class which was fun, although I had already forgotten how to tie most of the knots by the end of the week when it would have been handy in packing up the truck. Dancing classes were fun, though I could only go to a few. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t make it to the Gunpowder class, but the battle that day ran waaaaay late, and I couldn’t get off the field in time.

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