Ice Weasel classes

February 20, 2011 at 11:11 am | Posted in Barony of Smoking Rocks | Leave a comment

Our local Barony hosted a small event yesterday, the Passage of the Ice Weasel 6. It was quite large for a typical Ice Weasel, though still likely to be our smallest event of the year. We traditionally hold several classes at Ice Weasel. This year we had classes in European-style knitting, blackwork, supported spinning, fingerlooping, embroidery, and a meeting of our Tailor’s Guild. We were hoping to have a history of clothing and stained glass class as well, but the presenters were not able to come at the last minute.

I taught the fingerlooping class, and was actually successful in teaching people how to do it for once. I find that when I teach hands-on classes I struggle to help more than one person at a time learn how to do a technique. Either I’m getting better at multi-tasking or the choice of a relatively simple activity was a wise one. I’m hoping that now that I have a handful of people who know how to make fingerloop braids, we can help create a stock of necklace-length braids for the Barony to use when it is time to hand out awards.

The event was particularly memorable for me because I was made Man-at-Arms to Bruka the Saracen. He is squird to Master Padraig. So now I have a green belt and a blue baldric!

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