A slight distraction…

April 20, 2011 at 10:12 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous | 1 Comment

I have not been working on my netting or any other SCA project for the last three weeks… but I think I have a valid excuse. I have instead been investing my time in a long-term project known as motherhood. My first child was born on March 26th, a week early. He is a fabulous baby, but even the “easiest” baby is still a huge time investment. I find myself gazing at his sweet face (or feeding him, or changing his diaper, or ….) instead of working on a project. But it’s well worth it!

His cute little medieval outfit was not made by me. The outfit was a gift from Mistress Nest and the coif (hard to see in this picture) was a gift from Lady Sile. The baby’s SCA name will be Hrothgar (which was his father’s first pick for a mundane name. I said no.) His first event is this weekend. Hopefully he likes it!

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  1. They’re a distraction, all right!

    But they grow, and you get to sleep again (really! You do!) and there’s time for fiber arts again.

    And time speeds up like a ROCKET. Mine is 11 already. Going on 12.

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