Scottish Feast

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I was head kitchener for our barony’s Twelfth Night event this year. The event was set in twelfth century Scotland, so the feast was going to be my best attempt at Scottish food, though I didn’t limit myself to just early period food. There is not a lot (read: zero) of cookbooks from Scotland written in period, so that made things a little more difficult. However, we know that there was a lot of French influence on the Scottish court because of intermarrying, so I felt comfortable using a handful of French recipes. I also used one or two period English recipes, especially when I knew that they were recipes used in northern England. That’s cheating a bit, but my options were limited, and some of those recipes – haggis for instance – may have originally been written in England, but have since come to be associated with Scotland. Luckily, even though there were no cookbooks from period, we do have numerous sources of travelers visiting Scotland and commenting on the food, which is how I learned that cock-a-leekie soup is supposed to contain prunes!

Our menu:

First remove:

oatmeal bannock, bread, butter, caboc (soft cheese), black crowdie (another soft cheese rolled in pepper), homemade cheddar cheese, cock-a-leekie soup
Second remove:
pastry baked fish, kale,  cabbage and sausage,  barley, fried apple tarts
Third remove:
haggis, mashed turnips, green salad, beef, shortbread

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