Links to various pieces of documentation I have written over the years. Some of it is quite old, and, um, less than polished, shall we say? Also, it was too much work to change the formatting from the original source, so sometimes the bold or italics on headers is missing. But I love reading other people’s documentation because you can sometimes find the perfect reference material.

Four Spot Removal Techniques from the Allerley Matkel 11/15

Ravioli from the Cookbook of Sabina Welserin 11/15

Saltpeter Documentation, 2/10 – This is almost exactly what’s already available on this site, so I’m not going to post it separately. Simply use the category “Saltpeter”, and you’ll get all of the necessary information.

Fingerlooping, 3/10 – The documentation for my project on single-worker fingerlooping instructions from the Natura Exenterata, with analysis on how they compare to the laces in Harley and the Tollemache manuscript.

Tablet-weaving Documentation, 2/09 – The documentation for my tablet-woven fillet.

Dyeing Documentation, 4/07 This is my first ever piece of documentation, and it shows. But I have it, so I may as well post it, right?

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