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Last weekend I attended Mudthaw with Nest and Fred. My husband Fred/Richard was competing in the Rattan Championships and Nest and I were entering the A&S contest. It was my first non-Barony A&S contest, so I was a little nervous.

Overall it was a great event. I particularly enjoyed sitting at the table and talking to everyone who came by to look at my work. I got some useful feedback about how and where I should improve my techniques. I also got a lot of compliments, which was very enjoyable. I had been a little worried because two years of wearing the band at just about every event I went to has put a fair amount of wear and tear on the project, so it was not as shiny and new as it could have been. There were also a lot of conversations about other, related topics and the work that people had done or seen in the past, which was very fun. It was a very encouraging experience.

I had entered the brocaded tabletwoven band that I made the year before last. My documentation is here. And a picture is below:

Brocaded Tablet-woven band

Brocaded Tablet-woven band

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