More translations from I Secreti de signora Isabella Cortese

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Here are some more spot removal recipes from the I secret de signora Isabella Cortese. I originally translated them with Google Translate, and then finessed those results to make more sense (see previous post for more details on that process).

Original Italian: alla macchia de panno verde

Lava la macchia in panno verde con lissiva calda nella qual sia messa la polvere d’alume di feccia, i cavoli, e la bieta con l’acqua calda son buoni . Albume d’ovo misto col mele è buono a metter sopra.

The stain of green cloth

Wash the stain in green cloth with warm lye in which is put the powder of alum feces, cabbages, and chard with hot water are good. White of egg mixed with apples is good to put on.

Per cavar macchie d’oro vecchio in panno.

cap. 52. piglia sugo di cipolla bianca & orina ana e metti assai del sale , e mistica tutto insieme, e bagna le macchie e asciugale al Sole , e cosi faccendo per tre volte se ne ander anno via.

To take out the stains in old gold cloth
cap . 52 . Take white onion sauce & urine ana* and put much salt, and mix all together, and wet stains and dry them in the sun, and and doing so three times ne ander year on**.

*possibly “aged”?    ** not sure exactly what is meant here. Andare is “remove” and via can mean “away”, but how “anno” for Year fits in is unclear.

Per levar macchie piu forte .

Cap 33. Ungi all’asciutto le macchie col sapone molle, poi le bagna con l’acqua di macchie esciugale al Sole, e ciò sa tante volte sin che non apparischino piu.

In order to remove most stains strong .

Chapter 33. Anoint stains with a soft dry soap, then wet the stains with water and dry out* in the sun, and he knows what so many times since that does not apparischino (appear something?) more .

*asciugare is dry out

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